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Reuss, von, Richard-Heinrich

Date of birth:
November 23rd, 1896 (Bromberg/Posen, Germany)
Date of death:
December 22nd, 1942 (Nowo-Astaschoff, Soviet Union)
German (1933-1945, Third Reich)


In the afternoon of December 22nd, 1942, a Soviet tank attack was breaking through the German defences at Ponomarev. Richard-Heinrich von Reuss rushed by kubelwagen towards the front. In doing this, between Zwetschnikov and Prokovskij, he was mortally injured by a bullet.

August 18th, 1915: Leutnant;
April 1st, 1925: Oberleutnant;
February 1st, 1931: Hauptmann;
January 1st, 1936: Major (RDA December 1st, 1935);
January 1st, 1939: Oberstleutnant im Generalstab;
November 1st, 1942: Oberst im Generalstab;
December 1st, 1942: Generalmajor.

August 1914: Kriegsfreiwilliger, 2. Schlesischen Feld-Artillerie-Regiment Nr. 42;
October 1st, 1919: leichten Reichswehr-Artillerie-Regiment 6, Reichswehr-Brigade 6;
October 1st, 1920: Adjutant, I. Abteilung, 3. (Preußischen) Artillerie-Regiment;
October 1920: Stab, 1. Division, Königsberg;
?: Führergehilfenausbildung;
October 1st, 1931: 3. (Preußischen) Artillerie-Regiment;
October 15th, 1935: Batterie-Chef, Artillerie-Regiment 64;
August 1st, 1936: Taktik-Lehrer, Kriegsakademie Berlin;
August 26th, 1939: Ia, Stab, X. Armeekorps;
February 1st, 1940: Chef des Generalstabes, Höheren Kommando z.b.V. XXXIII;
August 30th, 1940: Chef des Generalstabes, Höheren Kommando z.b.V. XXXIII / Territorialbefehlshaber Mittelnorwegen;
October 8th, 1940: Chef des Generalstabes, XXVI. Armeekorps;
August 1942: Führerreserve;
September 15th, 1942: m.d. F.b., 62. Infanterie-Division;
October 29th, 1942: Kommandeur 62. Infanterie-Division;

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Generalmajor (Brigadier)
Kommandeur, 62. Infanterie-Division, Heer
Awarded on:
January 1943
Awarded posthumously.
Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes