Leyland, Samuel Joseph

Service number:
British (1801-present, Kingdom)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
No. 3 Commando, 1st Special Service Brigade, British Army
Awarded on:
January 13th, 1944
Awarded for:
Operation Husky
During the landing at Agnone 13th -14th July 1943 when he was a Lance Corporal he distinguished himself by leading back to the British Lines a party of four other ranks who were cut off.Meeting a patrol of equal strength he out manoeuvered it.Two germans were killed and his own party came through without loss. During operations around Bova Marina ,Italy between 25th August 1943 and 4th September 1943, L/Sgt leyland was to begin with i/c of one of the small parties which had to take to the hills when LCI 107 went aground and was abandoned. he succeeded in rejoining his O.C.after two days and took a prominent aprt in an ambush on the 31st August 1943.Later on the same day he was one of a party which pursued some Italians. At the end of a long chase he was the only man who had been able to keep up with his officer.They captured an Italian post with a garrison of 9. On the 1st september 1943 when the party was attacked by a company of parachutists he
exposed himself with a complete contempt for their fire and succeeded firstly in observing the enemies dispositions ,which could only be done from the skyline,secondly, in bringing in rifles which had been left in full view of the enemy when they first opened fire. This NCO was a splendid example to his men and an invaluable asistant to his officer throughout a period which many found trying. Calm and consistent and cheerful he proved himself in every way an excellent leader.
Military Medal (MM)