Stumbling stones Rekumerstraße 5

These small, brass memorial plaques (Stolpersteine or Stumbling Stones) commemorate:

* Heinrich Daniel, born 1888, deported, murdered in Auschwitz.
* Ella Daniel, born 1894, deported, murdered in Auschwitz.
* Hannah Lore Daniel née Daniel, born 1928, deported, murdered in Auschwitz.

Ella Daniel’s maiden name was Hayum and Hannah Lore Daniel’s name is "Hannalore" in the Yad Vashem and US HMM databases. Hannelore was not married. According to these sources, all three Daniels were deported from Dortmund, Germany, to Theresienstadt on 29 (or 30) July 1942. Heinrich Daniel apparently lived in Haltern before Dortmund. From Theresienstadt, they were all deported to Auschwitz on 09 October 1944. Hannelore would have been 16½.

No other information was found on this family.

"Stolpersteine" is an art project for Europe by Gunter Demnig to commemorate victims of National Socialism (Nazism). Stolpersteine (stumbling stones) are small brass plaques placed in the pavement in front of the last voluntary residence of (mostly Jewish) victims who were murdered by the Nazis. Each plaque is engraved with the victim’s name, date of birth and place (mostly a concentration camp) and date of death. By doing this, Gunter Demnig gives an individual memorial to each victim. One stone, one name, one person. He cites the Talmud: "A human being is forgotten only when his or her name is forgotten."

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