Chernoostrovsky Monastery

Chernostrovsky monastery was established in the late 16th century on the site of the Church built by the princess Obolenski in the 14th century. In the beginning of the 17th century, during the time of Troubles, the monastery was pillaged, and only until 1659 did the monk life continue there.

In 1812, the monastery, like the entire town, suffered greatly from hostilities. All its buildings were burned, with only the main gates left. They were riddled with buckshot and larger holes, which are purposely left as a visual reminder. In 1813, by the decree of Alexander I, a restoration of Chernostrovsky monastery began, as a monument to the events of 1812.

Like most other orthodox communities, the monastery was closed during the Soviet years. Different institutions there changed, and in 1991 the monastery was returned to the Russian Orthodox Church.

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  • Text: Fyodor Telin
  • Photos: Fyodor Telin