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Maginotlinie - Maison Forte (MF11) La Hatrelle

ARMEMENT, Infantry
- 1 slot for antitank gun / machine gun.
- 3 slots for FM
Standard equipment is 1 37mm or 25mm gun, 2 FM Mle 24/29, 2 VB blunderbusses, 100 light anti-tank mines and 20 anti-tank pegs.

Stronghold type Ardennes, with blockhouse for anti-tank gun and FM surmounted by a house serving as housing for the occupants of the PA.

STAFF, Command and / or Unit
The strong house was held by elements of the 15th Cp 147th RIF. The standard strength is a NCO, 1 corporal and 4 men.

CURRENT STATE, State - current use
The strong house is ruined and has been stripped of its armor. The upper floor is partially destroyed.

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