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Atlantikwall - Widerstandsnest 43

The northern part of the Festung Hoek van Holland was surrounded by two tank moats, an inner and an outer. An existing complex on the outer canal (is located on the north side of the Maasdijk, near a lock.

It lies on a triangular piece of grassland on the north side of the Maasdijk, next to a small lock from 1857. The waterways at this position, the Widerstandsnest 43, were once part of the tank moat. The Poelwatering was covered by a small artillery bunker of type 667; the watering can be seen from the firing hole. The design of the east side of the bunker is striking. The wall is slanted, with an angular finish to the shard wall next to the embrasure. Next to the artillery bunker is a crew bunker of the type 668.
A bunker that covered the tank ditch along the foot of the Maasdijk was foreseen, but was not built. Perhaps as compensation, a large Tobruk for a cannon was built in front of both bunkers. A Tobruk for a machine gun is behind the Tobruk gun.

Entirely on the west side of the site is a small, hand-built private brick. By digging out the earthing, the barrel vault and buttresses have become clearly visible. The work has also become somewhat ruinous for lack of acceptance.

Not visible are a third Tobruk in the dike slope near the lock and a kitchen building in the dike slope near the private building. These works have been demolished or are located in the later widened dike body. Nevertheless, this small complex gives a good picture of a position of the tank moat. However, the vegetation and buildings on the other side must be considered. After all, the firing range was cleared.

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