Memorial: Jewish People’s Home

A commemorative plaque in the front garden of the building at Wohlers Allee 58 remembers the former Jewish People’s Home [Jüdisches Volksheim] which existed here from 1925 to 1942 and the people who lived and worked here. The Jewish People’s Home Association operated a Jewish kindergarten and after-school day care. A pediatrician provided services on site. In 1936, the National Socialists forced the kindergarten and day care to close, and in 1942 the building was forcibly sold to the city of Hamburg. The building became a Judenhaus: Jews were forced to give up their own residences and were forced to live crowded together in one of many Judenhäuser in German cities prior to deportation.

The close-up photos above show the template which explains the dates and shows information aobut three of the victims.

Another victim, Gertrud Rosenbaum worked at the kindergarten as a youth leader working alongside a teacher, a housekeeper, and several trainees for as many as 60 children who learned, ate, and played there. The Jewish People’s Home was forced to close in the 1930s due to anti-Jewish laws and lack of funding.
A stolperstein for her is at Isestraße 61 in Hamburg-Harvestehude.

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