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Memorial Fallen 2nd Regiment Guides

On 18 September 1955 the memorial commemorating those of the 2nd Regiment Guides that were killed in World War 2 was unveiled in Zelzate. On 22 and 23 May 1940 the regiment had been fighting heavily against the Germans.

This memorial was designed by Mr Maurice Waucquez and the plans were signed by Leon De Mey of the 2 G. Mr Chalmet, Mayor of Zelzate provided the foundations. The memorial was paid by the financial contributions of the members of the Verbroedering ['Fraternization"] and by organising all kinds of activities.

The memorial has the shape of an obelisk stripped from all unnecessary decorations and only carries the bronze sword and crown as symbol of the Dynasty on its flat sides. The pedestal says "Thet 2nd Regiment of Guides to its dead". Words in all simplicity stating more that a list of the events.
During the unveiling the then chairman of the Verbroedering, Leon Godenne said, "Ce monument du souvenir concrétise l'âme du Régiment, son esprit fait de hardiesse et de panache, son chef qui l'a pétri de ses mains; il rapelle surtout tous nos jeunes gens qui sont tombés pour l'honneur de son Etendard".
The memorial was first placed west of the bridge where the fighting took place. When the new canal Gent-Terneuzen was constructed, the memorial had to be relocated to its present location.
Every year flowers are laid in May during the annual commemoration and on 11 November.

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  • Text: Philippe van Wassenhove
  • Photos: Arjan Vrieze