Extermination Camp Sobibor

Sobibor is situated in the far eastern corner of Poland, right at the Ukrainian border. There is little left of this camp. The camp was situated just across of the railway station and the tracks. In the camp at least 170.000 people perished, amongst whom many Dutch.

In 1943 a resistance group was established. On the 14th of October, 1943, this resistance group organized a revolt. During this rebellion, approximately 300 people of the 600 inmates succeeded to escape from the camp. Most of those were killed during the following manhunt by the Germans. End the end of the war there were 47 survivors.

Because of the uprising the camp was closed. In the summer of 1944, the area around Sobibor was liberated by the Soviets and the Polish forces.

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  • Text: Frank van der Elst
  • Photos: Felix Dalberger (1,2) & Frank van der Elst (3,4,5)

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