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Commemorative column "Route of the Persecution"

Markings were unveiled at stations along the "Route of Persecution". These markings tell the story of the people who have been persecuted and deported. With images and letters thrown out of the train by the people who were deported.

On the train route between camp Westerbork and Leer (Dui), the "route of persecution" in the period 1942-1944, markings have been placed at various stations.

In this way, the history of this route becomes visible to travelers who now board the train at those same stations every day. Each marker shows portrait photos of the victims of the persecution.

This mainly concerns people who were born in places along the route or were deported from here. The markings also recall the postcards thrown out of the train by deportees, hoping that bystanders would post these last signs of life.

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  • Text: Bert Deelman
  • Photos: Bert Deelman

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