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Memorial Operatie Infatuate I

With this memorial Operation Infatuate I is commemorated. This was the allied landing on 1 November 1944 to liberate Walcheren. On one plaque the Exhortation can be read. The text on the other plaque is:

Here, at the former entrance to Slijk Harbour (Code name Uncle Beach) allied troops of no.4 Commando and the 52nd Lowland Division landed om the early morning hours of 1 November 1944. In order to liberate Vlissingen/Walcheren from the German occupation. The goal of this Operation, known under the name 'Infatuate I', was to rid the mouth of the Scheldt of enemy positions and troops so that the port of Antwerp could be used.

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  • Text: Arjan Vrieze
  • Photos: Arjan Vrieze

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