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War Memorial Cemetery Ellezelles

Memorial cross at the cemetery of Ellezelles to commemorate the military and the civilian victims of the First and the Second World War.
The memorial also commemorates the victims of the raid on 28 March 1944 in Ellezelles in which 26 inhabitants were arrested and deported to German concentration camps.
Around the monument are the memorial plaques of war victims of both world wars.

And the following monuments:

- Memorial in memory of the fallen during the Second World War.

Killed in the fighting in May 1940
4 names
Killed in the fighting at Wodecq on 5 September 1944
16 names
Executed after the fighting
4 names
Killed in the fighting of the Liberation
4 names

- Monument in memory of the fallen during the Liberation on 5 September 1944.

Executed by the enemy
4 names
Survivor of the execution
1 naam
Fallen at the Liberation
19 names

- Monument in memory of the prisoners of war, the political prisoners and the civilians who died in the Second World War.

2 names
Political prisoners
6 names
Raid of 28 March 1944
29 names

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  • Text: Luc Van Waeyenberge
  • Photos: Luc van Waeyenberge