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Reminder to Former Soldiers Ι-ΙΙ-40 RI Groede

The information plaque stands on one side of the church and the fountain on the other side of the church.

The text on the board (translated to English):
A pleasant reminder of the war
Groede is one of the coastal towns of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen which was spared during the Second World War. The cozy atmosphere with picturesque facades in the streets around the church stayed therefore intact. Yet even Groede has its war history. But between all the human suffering there is also a period that the residents of the village are happy to remember. At the mobilization in August 1939 the first company of the battalion of the 40th Infantry Regiment was established in Groede. This company consisted of about 250 soldiers. Their job was to monitor the three km long coastal strip between Breskens and Nieuwvliet. The soldiers were housed in different places in Groede, including in 'the building' the Walenstraat 18. The officers and NCOs were given a warm welcome of the residents. The relation between the residents and the military was from the beginning cordial. At the Baomisse fair in October they danced with the people in the village pub The Three Kings. To the dismay of the soldiers and the people of the village in October 1939 the company moved to Vlissingen, but in early January, they cheerfully came back. Their stay ended on May 11th 1940 a day after the invasion of the German army. In Vlissingen they boarded the ship Princess Juliana with destination IJmuiden. The best proof that there was a close relationship between Groede and former soldiers of the ΙΙ Ι-RI-40 was that, in 1947 the village offered a fountain with lights. This gift is still spraying in to the Parish pit next to the Dutch Reformed Church. At this time remember the memorial stones, which were unveiled on July 23th 1973.

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