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Dutch War Graves General Cemetery Nijkerk

The general cemetery contains two graves of fallen soldiers.
It's about:

Lodewijk G. Omstenk, born September 11, 1919 in Warnsveld
killed on 12 May 1940 in Nijkerk
Hussar M.E. - 1 R.H.

Jacob Brink, born December 27, 1914
died April 16, 1945
NBS Nijkerk

And a number of resistance fighters. It's about:

Wouter Bouwmann, born May 14, 1924 in Nijkerk
member of the resistance group Nijkerk
died 14-4-1945 in Treysa (D)
posthumous recipient of the Resistance Memorial Cross

Johannes Pijpers, born 9-12-1921 in Nijkerk
member of the resistance group Nijkerk
died 4-12-1943 in Rheinbach

Jan Tijmen Sietsma, born 8/14/1924 in Doornspijk
died March 28, 1945 in Ziegenhain

Klaas Vastenburg, born 28-8-1897 in Nijkerk
Member of the National Organization for People in Hiding
Was arrested on March 1, 1945 with the entire group.
Was executed on 8 March 1945 at the Woeste Hoeve in retaliation for the attack on Rauter.

And a number of civilian casualties. Being:

Derk Theodorus Evers, born 22-5-1922 in Wisch
put to work in Hanover-Mühlenberg, Hanomag
died 23-8-1944 in Hanover

Lambertus van Beek, born 8/21/1908 in Nijkerk
put to work in Hamburg, Arbeitslager-Spaldingstraße
died 2-12-1944 in Hamburg Neuengamme

Dirk Zuiddam, born 29-4-1910 in Rotterdam
arrested on 2-10-1944 during the raid in Putten
died on 4-12-1944 in Engerhafe, Neuengamme

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  • Text: Dick de Bruijne
  • Photos: Dick de Bruijne