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Omaha Beach Golf Club

The Omaha Beach Golf Club, with two courses, the sea and the mansion, is the only 36-hole golf course in the west.

At one 18-hole course, all holes are named after 18 people who are involved with D-Day.

1. General D. Eisenhower
2. Sir W. Churhill
3. General Ch. de Gaulle
4. Marshal P. Koenig
5. Marshal B.L. Montgomery
6. General O. Bradley
7. General C.L. Gerhardt
8. General G.S. Patton
9. Colonel Rudder
10. Marshal Leclerc De Hautecloque
11. Commander Ph. kieffer
12. Admiral Sir B. Ramsay
13. General J.L. Collins
14. General S. Maczek
15. General G. Crerar
16. AVM J. Johnson
17. General Sir M. Dempsey
18. Piper Bill Millin

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  • Text: TracesOfWar
  • Photos: Jan van den Bos

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