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Concentration Camp Natzweiler-Struthof

On 21st May 1941, the Nazis opened the Natzweiler concentration camp in a place called Natzwiller, France (also Natzweiler).

Nearly 52,000 people from all over Europe were deported to this camp or to one of its annexes. 22,000 of them never returned. From the Netherlands 590 people were deported to this camp, 280 of them died in the camp.

On the 23rd November 1944, Allied Forces discovered the camp, abandoned by the Nazis in September 1944.

The crematorium
A crematorium has been placed on the site of the Concentration Camp. It came into effect in the autumn of 1943. Initially, it was used to cremate killed Jews who had been subjected to medical experiments. In July 1944, four resistance women were executed and cremated. In the night of August 1 to 2, 1944, just before the liberation of Alsace, 106 resistance fighters were murdered and cremated. The same happened with 35 resistance members of the mobile group Alsace-Vosges.

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