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Collective Grave of War Casualties Roman Catholic Cemetery Hasselt Tilburg

Almost three months after the liberation of the city of Tilburg in Dutch Brabant (27th October, 1944) on January 17th, 1945, the Germans fired two grenades that landed in the Hasseltstraat, close to the church. The first grenade caused injuries to two people. The second grenade that followed one minute later, exploded in the middle of a group of people and made 12 victims. Those dead were buried together.

The Dutch text may be translated as follows:

"Succumbed by the violence of war 17 January 1945."
The souls of the righteous
are in the hands of God.
In the eye of the inept it may seem as if they died,
but nevertheless they are in peace.

This monument has been erected with the cooperation of all parishioners.

Henricus A. van Roessel * 24 February 1897
Christianus J.F. van Eijck * 6 August 1917 (this date is wrong, Christianus JF van Eyck was born on March 6, 1917)
Josephus A.M. Tuerlings * 4 March 1901
Johannes C. van Elteren * 23 April 1920
Antoinetta A. Wouters * 23 August 1924

They were deserving for their Home Country.

Josephina J.M. Verhagen * 24 December 1903
Jacomijna M. van Vlijmen * 23 March 1886
Cornelis A. Mommers * 17 February 1900
Anneke Mommers * 10 March 1934
Anny van Berkel * 19 June 1930
Gerard van Berkel * 25 March 1932
Tiny Mutsaers * 23 March 1936

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  • Text: Ad Smulders
  • Photos: Dick de Bruijne (1), Barry van Veen (2, 3, 4)