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German Dummy Aerodrome 33 Renesse

Northwest of Vroonweg between Burgh-Haamstede and Renesse, nowadays used as a bicycle path, lies a dummy aerodrome, known as Scheinflugplatz 33.

Its purpose was to deceive the Allies and to distract their attention from the real airfield of Haamstede. The Germans constructed in The Netherlands, close to real airfields, several of these dummy aerodromes, Much effort was made by the Germans to look the dummy aerodromes as much as a real airfield. Fake bunkers were built and they even placed wooden planes in the field, hardly distinguishable from the air.

The allies knew about these aerodromes, nonetheless they were probably fairly effective, because several of the aerodromes, including Scheinflugplatz 33, were bombed.

Nowadays there is nothing visible anymore of the dummy airfield, except an large empty area.

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  • Text: Kees Boks
  • Photos: Kees Boks