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Plaque Fallen Alumni Former National High School HBS Vlissingen

The first unveiling of the plaque for the World War II killed alumni of the former National High School HBS was nearly sixty years ago. Now in 2010, they unveiled the plaque again and is placed back in the building at the Brouwenaarstraat, the present 'Theo van Doesburg center'.
After the move, the plaque was stored for years in a warehouse. Two former students Marjo van Tongeren en Jules Braat have started looking for the plaque and have managed to bring back the plaque to the place where he should be, the former National High School HBS in Vlissingen.
The plaque lists the names of 44 alumni war casualties it includes the name of a pupil who was one of the officers in the Englandspiel and died in Mauthausen. The name of a student who worked as a sailor on patrol vessel "Noordzee" and died when the ship hit a mine near Zoutelande. For this event he gained posthumous the Dutch 'War Commemorative Cross May 1940'.

The text on the plaque:
1940 - 1945
For our freedom
they gave their life's

Below the plaque is a small plaque with the text:
Plaque in memory of
the students killed in WW2
the National High School HBS in Vlissingen.
This school was from 1925 to 1968 in this building.
RSG (National School Community) Scheldemond subsequent to 1991.
First unveiling on 05/04/1951 Relocation on 30/09/2010

The plaque can be seen during the opening hours of the 'Theo van Doesburg Center'.

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  • Text: Mia van den Berg
  • Photos: Marjo van Tongeren

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