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Historical Route Bastogne 15

The Historical Route Bastogne is a route around Bastogne with 15 information boards. The text on this sign is:

General Troy H. Middleton, commander of the VIIIth Army Corps, will be stationed in Bastogne from October.
From 16 to 19 December, he will lead US forces to stop the German offensive before relinquishing his position to Brigadier General Anthony C. McAuliffe, who had arrived from Reims with the 101st Airborne and installed himself in Sub-Lieutenant Heintz barracks.

On December 22, McAuliffe receives the German ultimatum from General von Luttwitz to which he replies * NUTS *.

From December 23, the shortage of ammunition, medicines, food and various materials will be remedied through air supplies.

Christmas Eve is spent in the uncertainty of events, in the bomb shelters, one of which becomes famous.

In January 1945, as a result of the bombing of the barracks, the headquarters was transferred to Isle-la-Hesse and in the vicinity of Villeroux.

On January 5, 1945, an ammunition vehicle detonated in the courtyard of the Marronniers of the Seminary, along the Bastogne-Gouvy railway.

After the war, armored towers were placed at the entrances to the city. Currently they are in the vicinity of the signs along the route.
The tower located on the route du Mardasson, near the bridge over the Bastogne railway line in Benonchamps-Wiltz, has been moved to the other side of the road. The signs NUTS come from private collections ...

The Mardasson
From the barracks, the route description will lead you to the end of this route: the "Mémorial de Mardasson", where you will find the last sign with explanations.

On the way you will pass the "Musée de la Maison Mathelin". There, (in addition to the history of Bastogne and its surroundings), remarkable collections about the two world wars are kept. You will also pass by the "Bastogne Historical Center" which has long been known for its rich collections.

End post of the Voie de la Liberé (Way of Freedom)
From the Normandy coast, where the Allies landed on June 6, 1944; mark the route of the liberation troops, over a distance of 1,145 km.

On each pole, a burning torch recalls the torch that illuminates the Statue of Liberty in New York. The wavy lines at the bottom of the memorial stone evoke the waves of the sea and at the top of the pole the stars are reminiscent of the stars of the American flag.

The last post along the route is a little before the "Mémorial van de Mardasson".

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  • Text: Historische Route Bastogne
  • Photos: Jeroen Niels

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