Airborne Memorial Oosterbeek

The monument is positioned in front of the airborne museum Hartenstein The monument is a column with four sides on each of which a relief depicting:

- On its east side: the landing;
- On its south side: the assistance of the women of Oosterbeek to the wounded;
- On its west side: the collaboration of the underground forces to the Airborne divisions;
- On its north side: the last heroic resistance.

The high column is crowned by five figures. The figure of liberty appears above the others. She is surrounded by the figures of civilians and soldiers supporting Liberty, Belief, Justice, Home , Hope and Love, these are all thoughts and images that have been depicted in stone.

Thus in a handsome park the memorial rises that has been dedicated to General Urquhart by the citizens of Oosterbeek. Stone will witness of what lives in the harts of the people of Oosterbeek: Respect for the Heroes of the Airborne Divisions that fought and died here for our liberty.

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