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Tobruk 2 en Anti-tankwall Ritthem

The part of the Anti-tank wall that can still be seen is about 1500 meters long and part of Landfront Vlissingen. The concrete Anti-tank wall is built against the dike and includes blast holes for infantry elements. The overhanging edge of the wall was to prevent tanks in this part of the Atlantikwall from climbing over the dike.
If you want to walk the Anti-tank wall, you can park your car in the parking lot of Fort Rammekens and start the walk from there. Close to the entrance of Fort Rammekens there is also a bicycle shed and it is also Cycling junction no. 85. You walk back the way and pass the atypical Regelbau 700 bunker, which is hidden in the dike. After this, cross the dike diagonally to the right (Note, this is a road with car traffic on from sides). After a few meters you can start the walk the Anti-tank wall by climbing over the sheep fence. There is no path on the dike, but the farmer regularly mows there. In the summer months the grass and nettles can grow tall. The five Tobruks on the edge of the Anti-tank wall on the part that can be walked after crossing a busy road and are therefore possibly overgrown with grass and nettles. If you still want to see the five Tobruks, the best time for the walk is early spring or late autumn. Sheep and various birds nest on the dike in the vicinity of the wall. Please observe the following rules which are stated on the information boards.

These text and lines are: (photo 5)
Welcome to this hiking trail. You are on private land.
The owner has opened this path under strict conditions.
Explicitly prohibited for dogs.
As dogs can transmit diseases to livestock and disturb nature, we urge you not to enter this path with dogs.
Only accessible to walkers unless otherwise indicated.
Enter at your own risk. The trail is closed on January 1.
Leave crops and animals alone and do not waste.
Only accessible between sunrise and sunset.
If you do not comply with the conditions, the permission to enter the ground will end (art. 461 Criminal Code) [/ i]

For more information or comments:
Zeeland Landscape Management Foundation
Tel: 0113 - 230936 info@slz.

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