NSB Grave Family E.T. Ebels Nieuw Beerta

At the Municipal Cemetery in Nieuw Beerta is the NSB grave of the Ebels Family. In the grave lie the bodies of:

Everhard Tonko Ebels, born May 3, 1906 in Beerta
Tetje Tjadduwe Henderika Ebels - Dijkstra, born June 17, 1908 in Midwolda
and their children:
Auwina Eppien Ebels, born April 14, 1931 in Beerta
Fekke Ebel Hajo Ebels, born June 4, 1933 in Beerta
Derk Doeko Ebels, born June 7, 1938 in Beerta

There are many stories circulating about the cause of death of the family Ebels. From my own research, I find out the correct facts.

The family was executed on 17 April 1945 at their farm because they were suspected of helping the Germans and they were sympatising with the N.S.B. (Dutch National-Socialist Movement).

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