Watervlietbrug Leopoldskanaal "Switchback"

From the centre of Watervliet, in the direction to Eeklo, across the bridge, a memorial can be found on the left of the road.

A bank, made of debris from the bridge that was blown up with dynamite.
Near the bank there is a stone in the grass with the name of the operation "Switchbak" on it. Also a information board with the following text is located near the stone with the following text:
This bank was given the name


in memory of the pioneers of the "Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders" who crossed the Canal on 14 October 1944, during the operation Switchback, to liberate Watervliet.

The bank was founded with the debris of the destroyed bridge.

Unveiled on December 11, 1999 by His Excellency Mr. C. Laverdure.
Ambassador of Canada in Brussels.

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