Memorial 1st US Infantry Division

At the exit of the Cimetiere Americain (Omaha Beach) on the left site there is a monument of the 1st US Infantry Division (Red Sector / Easy) in the form of a commemoration-obelisk.

The obelisk stands in the middle of the area of Wiederstandsnest (WN62). WN62 was one of the strongest defending positions in that area. It contributes also much to the imagination of visitors since the famous German Franz korperaal Göckel (one of the few who survived the defending of WN62) has fought here.

The WN62-area is dotted with casemates, tobruks, trenches and other defense objects.

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  • Text: Tobian Sluik & Kees Jan Koster
  • Photos: Jeroen Koppes (1, 3), Rudi Rasker (2) & De Roust Jente (4, 5)

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