Fort Rozelier

The fort is build in the period from 1877 till 1904. During the First World War Rozelier remains practically 'untouched'. From mid 1916 the French began to construct a tunnel system under the fort. In the 30's, fort Rozelier became modernized. During this modernization, large parts of the tunnel system became concreted and the armament was adjusted and/or applied according to the latest norms.

On 15 June 1940, around 21.30h the fort became surrounded by a German tank-hunter unit. The French captured some German soldiers and the enemy unit replied by attacking fort Rozelier. The Germans used Flak-artillery to support the attack. After hours of heavy fighting in and around the fort, Rozelier fell at 02.15h.

Nowadays, Fort Rozelier is located on military terrain and is still used for military purposes.

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