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Plaques Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada Oostburg

On the plaque in the middle the names of the victims can be read:
The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada
"In Pace Paratus"

The following Riflemen gave their lives during the Liberation of Oostburg:
Lt R.H. Barnes age 21 Rfn N.J. Coles age 21 Rfn F.R. Forsyth age 22
Lt E.E. Ottaway age 32 LCpl E.N. Rhude age 28 Sgt Rothwell age 21
Rfn F. Rowe age 22 Cpl W.J. Shuter age 22 Rfn G.E. Smith age 29
Sgt G.F. Tucker age 26 Rfn P.F. Steeves age 19 LCpl A. Tilson age 22
Rfn T.B. Dent age 21 Rfn J.C. Walker age 32 Rfn G. Warner age 35
Cpl L.E. Whitmore age 21 Rfn J.M. Barret age 20

We will remember them
In memoriam.

On the right hand side plaque the following text can be read:
The Queen’s Own rifles of Canada
"In Pace Paratus"
The Liberation of Oostburg – 25 Oct 1944

The QOR of C dug in at Steenhoven on the 20th of October and were then
ordered to conduct a Battalion attack and take the strongly-held town of
Oostburg. The most promising line of attack was from the south alongside a
small body of water, the Grote gat. On the 25th of October A and D Companies,
supported by extensive artillery HE and smoke concentrations, began the
attack. At the same time B Company put in a diversionary attack from the
north side of Grote Gat.

By 1400 hrs A Company, now only 2 platoons strong, had advanced to within
300 yards of the town by crawling up the water filled ditches while under
constant fire and observation. At this point the Company Commander, Major
R.D. Medland DSO, moved forward to discuss options with the Platoon
Commander, Lt J.E. Boos. It was a tough proposition as little cover was
Available. In a humorous exchange it was suggested that only a bayonet attack
might work.

As Maj Medland turned to arrange for more mortar support, Lt Boos jumped
up and ordered his remaining rifleman to fix bayonets. In full view of the
enemy, Lt Boos then let a wild charge down the main road into Oostburg and
quickly overcame the started enemy positions-with few casualties. Entrance
into the town was thus gained and D Company quickly passed trough to carry
on the fight. Lt Boos and his platoon successfully held off 3 counterattacks
later that night. The enemy forces surrendered on the 26th and over 200
prisoners were taken.

For His actions Lt J.E. Boos was awarded the Military Cross

Unveiled by members of the Regimental Family 10 May 2000.

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  • Text: Mia van den Berg
  • Photos: Arjan Vrieze (1), Mia van den Berg (2, 3, 4, 5), (6, 7, 8)