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Former Jewish Work Camp "Nieuwe Sluis"

This monument is a column that was unveiled in 1989 during a reunion of survivors of the last group of students. These were young Jewish people from Germany and Austria who followed an education here that basically prepared them for emigration to Palestine. The war made it impossible to leave the Netherlands. This group consisted of 300 young people. In 2020, the semicircle will be placed on which 196 memorial stones will find a place for those who did not survive the war.

The monument is located near the former Jewish Werkdorp Wieringermeer.

Text on the monument:

1934 - 1941

On the back is a story about the working village:

Between 1934 and 1941, this place has only just entered
cultivated Wieringermeerpolder the so-called
"Joodsche Werkdorp Nieuwe Sluis" stood, where a total of 750
young Jewish refugees from Germany and Austria a
found refuge. Only it remains of this working village
building behind here - the former
community house - remaining.
In the working village, the refugees were given the opportunity
to be trained in a new profession in preparation
for further emigration, including to Palestine.
On March 20, 1941, the working village was taken over by the German occupiers
cleared. Of the 300 young people who were still present at the time,
have 187 the horrors of the German concentration camps
not survived.
Their names are listed on the parchment scroll, present in
a display case in the hall of the former community house. This
memorial display case was unveiled on September 13, 1981 during a
reunion where more than a hundred old work villagers from all parts of
the world were present, held on the occasion of it
fact that it was 40 years ago that the working village was evacuated.

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  • Text: Dick de Bruijne
  • Photos: Arjo Eijgelsheim

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