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War Memorial Putte

The monument consists out of three parts:
To the left a plaque with the text:
The Essex Scottish
of the 2nd Canadian
Infantry Division

In the middle a plaque with the bilingual text which reads in English:
Across the frontier of countries
Across the frontier of fear
Across the frontier of occupation
Across the frontier of life
Led their path to our freedom.

Putte remember her citizens that
victims of the war
1940 - 1945

To the right a plaque with 24 names of victims and the bilingual text:

Balson A.H. pte 5-10-1944
Chamberlain H.D. pte 6-10-1944
Charlette A.R. l.sgt. 16-10-1944
Chipperfield E.L. lt. 31-10-1944
Cline R.A. pte 5-10-1944
Cook J.W. l cpl 5-10-1944
Crooke R. J. L cpl 6-10-1944
Cullimore H.E. pte 14-10-1944
Fradgley J.W. pte 5-10-1944
Gervris R.G. gdsm 16-10-1944
Jennet L. A. l cpl 21-10-1944
Kozar D.A. gdsm 21-10-1944
Lavoie E. pte 24-10-1944
Leclair J.E. l cpl 5-10-1944
Mac Millan E.C. gdsm 21-10-1944
Majury W.M. pte 5-10-1944
Metcalf L.E. gnr 20-10-1944
Mitchell B. Pte 5-10-1944
Patterson G.E. l cpl 8-10-1944
Reid C.H. l cpl 5-10-1944
Richter E. l sgt 13-10-1944

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