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Aircraft Engine B-17G 42-31135 Suzy Sag Titz

In the Smalspoormuseum lies an engine of a Boeing Flying Fortress Bomber named Suzy Sag Titz. It is a 9 cylinder Wright Cyclone R.1820, 1200 hp Type B 17 G with a displacement of 30 liters per cylinder. The engine was excavated in Schoonebeker field, about 200 meters south of the Griendtsveen Peat Factories to Dumber Canal near Weiteveen.

The plane was a Boeing Flying Fortress of the U.S. Army and was part of the 562 th Squadron 388 th Bomb Group. (B-17G 42-31135 Suzy Sag Titz).
The bomber was shot down on 6 March 1944 by the German pilot Hauptmann Hugo Frey.

On the plane were 10 crewmembers:
1st pilot Montgomery Douglas Givens
2nd pilot Harry James Teat
navigator Kenneth Hanley Betts
bombardier Lawrence Herman McMillian
radioman J.Geraghty
flight engineer Roy Eugene Kesanen
belly turret gunner Thomas Howard Foulds
side dome Willard R. McGee
side dome Daniel Walstra
tail gunner Jack Edgar Karr

William R. McGee was killed by the aircraft of Frey before the crash, the rest of the crew made prisoner.

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