At the border of the built-up area of Bennekom along the Heelsumseweg / Keijenbergseweg stands a memorial approximately 50 meters from that road. The memorial is erected for two resistance men who have been executed here. The information sign tells the story:

In Memoriam

On april 8th 1945 two resistance men, the brothers Bertus (25 years) en Martijn (21 years) van Steenbergen were arrested by the Landwacht at Ede.

They tried to escape but were soon recaptured and they were brought to the Sicherheits Dienst (S.D.) in the Wormshoef at Lunteren.

On april 13th 1945 (5 days prior to the liberation of the municipality of Ede) they were shot by the S.D. at this spot.

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  • Text: Arjan Vrieze
  • Photos: Arjan Vrieze