Information Panel Perimeter Route no. 6

The text on the panel is:
Perimeter Route
At several spots along this route are information panels that tell the story of the Battle of Arnhem during the Second World War.

The British and Polish troops withdrew from Oosterbeek during the night of the 25-26 September 1944. The men reached the Rhine via Kerkpad and the flood plains and were ferried across the river in boats manned by British and Canadian sappers. Many soldiers tried to swim the fast-flowing river and some perished in the attempt. Of the more than 11,000 British and Polish soldiers who landed, approximately 2,300 managed to reach the Betuwe. The rest were either dead, made POW by the Germans (including the wounded), or taken into the care of the Dutch Resistance.
After the liberation Oosterbeek and surroundings were a mass of rubble, wreckage, field graves, equipment and ammunition.

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