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German Mortar Bunker

This unique German mortar bunker and its munition bunker can be found in the harbor of Oostende. The text on the information panel, attached on the mortar bunker, reads:

"This bunker of the type R (Regelbau) 633 was a component of the German coastal defence Atlantikwall. The main armanant composed of a 5cm M19 mortar, installed underneath a heavy armoured steel copula, with a fire range of 750 meters. The task of these type of bunkers were to protect the beaches and 'Stutzpunkten" (the harbor of Oostende). The R 633 is the only surviving example of this type in Vlaanderen. The bunker is easily accessible and unit signs can be found on the walls and inside the mortat copula. The original armoured doors of the main entrance and emergency exit are preserved and the steel mortar copula is still equiped with its cover."

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  • Text: Kaj Metz
  • Photos: Arjan Vrieze (1,2,3,4) & John Elsing (5)