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WN 136H - German Tank Barrier Höckerlinie Zanddijk Den Helder

This German Tank Barrier (Dragon's Teeth), Höckerlinie belongs to Baupunkt 34, which was part of Widerstandsnest 136H, from the Second World War.

The Tank Barrier was a lot longer, but it was partly covered together with the adjacent tank wall and a number of bunkers circa 1993. Parts of the dragon's tooth obstacle of approximately 100 meters can be seen in two places.

This barrier was once connected to the Nieuwe Südlinie and marked the beginning of the Verteidigungsbereich Den Helder.

The Tank Barrier is visible on the Zanddijk between Julianadorp and Den Helder..

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  • Text: TracesOfWar.com
  • Photos: Arjo Eijgelsheim (1, 3, 4), Martin van Dalen (2)
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