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Shipwreck "Yamagiri Maru"

The "Yamagiri Maru" was built in 1938 as a luxurious transport ship. The Japanese navy took control of her in 1941 and converted here into a military transport ship for special cargo missions. The "Yamagiri Maru" saw service transporting war material to between the Solomans and the Caroline Islands until she was struck by two torpedo's from the USS Drum in 1943. She was eventually sunk by U.S. dive bombers during 'Operation Hailstone' (17.2.1944 - 18.2.1944) at Truk Lagoon (Chuuk). The Japanese losses were extremely high during this military operation: a complete fleet was destroyed.

The "Yamagiri Maru" today:
It lies currently at the bottom of the sea at a depth of 33 meters (110 fsw), within Truk Lagoon. It can be reached by diving with diving equipment.

The shipwrecks within Truk Lagoon are still considered to be the last resting place for hundreds of killed Japanese seamen and soldiers. While diving at these sites, please treat human remains and their personal belongings with respect.

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