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Orden Znak Pocheta

The decoration was introduced November 25th, 1935. It can be awarded to individual citizens or to collective organizations for outstanding achievements in all aspects of life. In 1936, a slighty larger model was introduced.
The badge is an oval wreath of oak leaves surrounding the figures of a male and female worker. Behind them is the Red Flag bordered by the inscription -in Cyrillic-: 'Proletarii vsekh stran soedinyaites' (Workers of the world, unite). Over their heads is the Red Star with the characters CCCP below. At their feet the inscription -in Cyrillic-: Znak Pocheta (Badge of Honor).
Type 1, the 1935 model has two variations and measures 1.5" high and 1.1" wide; in version 1, the serial number appears to be stamped, in version 2 it is engraved by hand. Type 2, the 1936 model measures 1.8" high and 1.3" wide. There are 5 variations; nr. 1 has no mint mark, the others have mint marks with slight variations. The types 1 and 2 have screwbacks. Type 3 comes in three versions: nr. 1 has a medium sized mint mark, it is slighty smaller in nr. 2 whereas nr. 3 shows the largest. All types have a flat back. The two versions of Type 4 have a hollow back.
The ribbon of types 3 and 4 is cream-coloured bordered by a narrow stripe of light yellow.
December 28th, 1988, this Order was replaced by the Order of Honor; it differs from its predecessor in that the text at the bottom has been replaced by an image of the hammer and sickle.

Ermoleva, Zinaida Vissarionovna* October 27th, 1898
December 2nd, 1974

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Ermoleva, Zinaida Vissarionovna27-10-189802-12-1974