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Fronte-Russo Badge

This badge was awarded to the Italian troops that served on the Esatern front between june 22nd 1941 and june 5th 1943. It was for the first time issued in march 1943. Not only Italian soldiers were awarded. German soldiers attached to the C.S.I.R. and the 8th Army Corps were also awarded.

The award was made in silver color. On the left side one can see the thorns (for suffering) and on the opposite side the laurels (for heroism). Both are at the top bound by the knot of Savoy. In the centre are two crossed Cossack sabres. At the bottem there can be found a ribbon with the inscription "Fronte Russo" in blue letters.
On the back of the badge is the name of the factory that produced the badge; "F.M. Liorioli Fratelli, Via F. Bronzetti 25, Milano" and themanufacturing number: "Modello Depositato No.38.".

The badge was to be worn on the left pocket of the uniform.