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Ereteken voor Belangrijke Krijgsbedrijven

Het Ereteken voor Belangrijke Krijgsbedrijven, als called the Expeditiekruis, was instituted on February 19th, 1869. It was awarded to persons participating in campaigns in the Dutch East Indies. In this it can be compared to campaign medals awarded by other countries.

The decoration has the form of a four armed cross and is in Berlin Silver. The measurements over the arms are 40 mm. In the middle is a medallion with the image of King Willem III, surroundes by a chain with the text "VOOR KRIJGSVERRICHTINGEN". Between the arms of the cross oak leaves with oaks can be found. The back side is non imaged. The cross is known to have 12 variations, the miniature more than 100.
Most of the decorations awarded in WW2 are of the so-called Type II. The Type II differs from the Type I in the form of the image of King Willem III. The Type II was made during WW2 in two issues. The Type II 2nd Emission 1942 model Stokes, on the back shown in 1 mm letters the name "STOKES". The other Type II is the 3rd Emission 1942 model made by Begeer.

The 38 mm wide yellow-green-yellow ribbon was worn with one or more clasps. A total of 33 clasps were instituted. During WW2 only the clasp "TIMOR 1942" was awarded. This clasp was instituted on October 29th, 1942 (K.B. no 7) and was to be awarded to those who, participated in the guerrilla war on Timor in 1941-1942 against the Japanese forces and to members of the Koninklijke Marine who evacuated these guerrilla's to Australia.
When only the ribbon is worn, the clasps are depicted as silver stars. A maximum of four stars were allowed.
Beside the clasps the ribbon could also depict the crown of the "Eervolle Vermelding" and/or two crossed sabres for the awarding of the "Eresabel".

The 33 clasps that could be obtained are:
Bali 1846
Bali 1848
Bali 1849
Borneo 1850-1854
Boni 1859
Borneo 1859-1863
Guinea 1869-1870
Deli 1872
Atjeh 1873-1874
Atjeh 1873-1876
Samalangan 1877
Atjeh 1873-1880
Atjeh 1873-1885
Atjeh 1873-1890
Tamiang 1893
Atjeh 1873-1896
Atjeh 1896-1900
Korintji 1903
Djambi 1901-1904
Gajo en Alaslanden 1904
Atjeh 1901-1905
Midden Sumatra 1903-1907
Zuid Celebes 1905-1908
Flores 1907-1908
Kleine Soenda-eilanden 1905-1909
Atjeh 1906-1910
Atjeh 1911-1914
W.afd.Borneo 1912-1914
N.Guinea 1907-1915
Ceram 1915
Timor 1911-1917
W.Kust Atjeh 1925-1927
Timor 1942

Booy, de, James Marnix (Jim)* July 24th, 1885
† March 1st, 1969

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