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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 1 Worcestershire Regiment
Month and Year: June 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. A.R. Harrison
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
HEATHFIELD 1   The Glorious First of June. Tabloid sports and sideshows organised by sub-sections of Bn. The Div Comd. and Bde. Comd. attended and the Sports meeting was very successful. All Sideshow takings were handed to the Red Cross and Regt. Charities. Various officers of the Division were invited to a sherry party in the evening at the Possingworth Hotel.  
  2   Commanding Officer spoke to the Battalion re forthcoming events.  
  3   Troops allowed out from 12.00 hours until 23.59 hours to a distance of 25 miles.  
  5   Rifle Companies fired at ISENHURST.  
  6   D Day.
TEWT (Tactical Exercise Without Troops) area NORTH of HEATHFIELD.
  7   Officers and Warrant Officers attended Divisional Conference at HASTINGS. Personal message received from General Montgomery also message from General Eisenhower.  
  7 1430 Exercise LOCAL commenced. (Battalion Exercise) Battalion in Defensive positions. Counter attack role rehearsed by D Company.  
  8   Private Soldiers TEWT (Tactical Exercise Without Troops). All weapons, rations etc. carried, no Motor Transport used. Recces and Standing Patrols by Companies.  
  9   French Maps issued to Companies. HQ Company on Range. Carriers firing at EASTBOURNE.  
  11   Brigadier Essame (214 Brigade) visited Battalion and gave talk to troops. Battalion had 4th Typhus inoculation.  
  12   Battalion Commanders Day. Officers, Warrant Officers and Sergeants attended. Orders received for advance party to move. Party consisted of Captain Ratcliff, Lieut. Langhton, four Lance Sergeants and one private. Battalion at 6 hours notice to move from 18.00 hours. All money over ten shillings per man changed into French currency. Battalion completed loading of vehicles and confined to Camp area.  
  13   Pay Parade. Battalion paid in French currency. 14.00 – 18.00 hours TEWT Battalion in the Attack. Captain H. R. Matthews took over duties as P.R.I.  
  14   Enforced rest 14.00 – 16.30 hours. Bandmaster J. Seeds left Battalion for Durham Depot after making repeated attempts to proceed with Battalion into action. Loading of vehicles completed. Drivers and vehicle commanders received instruction in control of vehicles (Craft loading and unloading).  
  15 0830 Vehicle party under command of Captain P. F. R. Roose left HEATHFIELD for marshalling area S, North of TILBURY. Arriving there at 14.00 hours. Vehicles were assembled into groups and positioned on ship allotted. Marching Party of the Battalion left HEATHFIELD en route for FIRLE CAMP.  
  17 0530 Vehicles commenced loading at TILBURY DOCKS. During stay in Marshalling area troops were entertained by numerous film and ENSA shows.  
  18   Vehicle Party carried by motor transport to TILBURY DOCKS and boarded transport ship “MT48” (Empire Duke). Ship sailed at 14.30 hours passing through the Straits of Dover to the Beach-head.  
  19   Marching Party together with the Commanding Officer and two companies of the D.C.L.I. (Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry) embarked at NEWHAVEN on SS Canterbury (Commanded by Captain Walker).  
  21   Vehicle party arrived off Beach-head.  
FRANCE 22 1715 Marching Party disembarked in L.C.A. on beach at MONT FLEURY and marched to assembly area at CREPON. Order of Landing.  
  22/23   Marching Party moved during night from CREPON to LA ROSIER.  
  24   Commanding Officer attended conference at 8 Corps HQ reference operation EPSON, being breakout by 8 Corps to isolate CARPIQUET and CAEN.  
  25   Marching troops moved by march route to concentrate area BERCY. Owing to unsuitable weather disembarkation of Motor Transport was delayed and ship was at anchor off the beachhead until the 25th. Enemy air raids were made on the large number of craft assembled off the beachhead but the Battalion suffered no casualties.  
  25   Landing craft came alongside and vehicles were unloaded. On arrival in the Marshalling Area, behind the beaches orders were given that troop transport was to deproof as quickly as possible as Battalion was going into action immediately. Transport then joined Marching Troops at BERCY 8778.  
BERCY 26   Commanding Officer gave talk to Battalion on operation EPSON. Recce party left.  
CHEUX 9167 27 0200 Battalion moved to area CHEUX 9167 and relieved 2nd Glasgow Highlanders. Battalion suffered casualties from Mortar fire whilst digging in. Major Riddle, Captain Dingley, Lieut. Wye, Lieut. Hulme and 10 other ranks were killed. One officer and 10 other ranks were wounded. Sniper section cleared village of enemy snipers. A number of prisoners of war were taken. Battalion HQ moved 300 yards back from outskirts of village during the day as location was bombed frequently by enemy mortars.  
  28 2000 O Group, Battalion then moved forward R.V. at 916668 preparation to operation against Mouen 9365.  
916668 Sheet 7F/1 1:50,000 29 0430 Commanding Officer received orders to attack.  
  29 0900 Battalion attack commenced, B Company right, C Company left, A Company moppers-up. D Company reserve. 2 Med. Regt. Divisional R.A. and M.M.G. Company in support. Objective was taken and position consolidated. Aprrox. 50 enemy killed – 7 tanks knocked out – and numerous snipers were dealt with. A large amount of enemy equipment was found. Unit identified as 12 SS Division. A strong enemy counter attack was put in during the night in area GRANVILLE consisting of tanks and infantry but position was held and severe casualties caused by artillery. Patrols were sent out. Swastika flag captured. Battalion HQ established at 935657. Company commanders, HQ Company Captain Ratcliff, Support Company Captain Watkins, A Company Major P. F. Roose, B Company Major Grubb, C Company Major A. J. Gutch, D Company Major P. T. Weston. 172 Field Battery (late 12th Battalion – commanded Major Alexander in direct support. The Brigadier congratulated the Battalion on a very fine show.  
  30   Divisional Commander Congratulated Intelligence Sections for their work and amount of information and documents sent to Brigade. Average age of prisoners taken was 18. Casualties - 2 other ranks killed, 4 officers wounded, 15 other ranks wounded.  

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Source: The Worcestershire Regiment.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.