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Alex, Ernst

    Date of birth:
    March 1st, 1915 (Seifersdorf-Schweidnitz/Silesia, Germany)
    Date of death:
    October 25th, 1965 (Kassel/Hesse, Germany)
    German (1933-1945, Third Reich)


    Ernst Alex was discharged from active duty after losing both his legs, shortly before the end of World War Two..

    ?: Gefreiter;
    ?: Obergefreiter;
    October 1st, 1938:Wachtmeister;
    October 1st, 1940: Oberwachtmeister;
    June 1st, 1943: Leutnant;
    April 1st, 1945: Oberleutnant.

    October 1st, 1935: VI. Abteilung, Artillerie-Regiment 29, Kassel;
    May 10th, 1941: Zugführer 1. / Sturmgeschützabteilung 243;
    June 27th, 1941: Geschützführer III. / Gebrgsjäger-Regiment 99;
    February 8th, 1943: Führerreserve;
    ?: Offiziersausbildung.

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    Second World War (1939-1945)
    Awarded on:
    September 16th, 1939
    Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse
    Second World War (1939-1945)
    Awarded on:
    July 2nd, 1941
    Eisernes Kreuz 1. Klasse
    Second World War (1939-1945)
    Zugführer, 1. Kompanie, Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung 243, XXXXIX. Gebirgs-Armeekorps, Heer
    Awarded on:
    August 1st, 1941
    The following newspaper article describes why Alex received the Knight’s Cross…

    “Oberwachtmeister Ernst Alex… was awarded the Knight’s Cross on the 01.08.1841. Oberwachtmeister Alex destroyed a total of 10 enemy tanks with his Sturmgeschütz during the tank battle at Jaworow on the 26.06.1941 and during a nocturnal attack on the night of the 27./28.06.1941. These swift and determined actions established the appropriate conditions for a rapid advance on Lemberg by his Division [1. Gebirgs-Division]. During this continued forward advance he encountered a Soviet armoured train at the Kopysynac railway station. He opened fire on it from very close range and successfully destroyed its heavy 15-cm gun. Pursuing the enemy closely, his greatest achievement came on the 23.07.1941. Fighting at the head of his Division, he secured the crossing over the Bug river at Brazlaf on this day. In the process he became badly wounded.”

    Alex was awarded the Knight’s Cross for these achievements as well as for reaching a personal total of 27 tanks destroyed.
    Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes