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Eberbach, Heinrich

Date of birth:
November 24th, 1895 (Laufen am Neckar/Württemberg, Germany)
Date of death:
July 13th, 1992 (Notzingen/Baden-Württemberg, Germany)
German (1933-1945, Third Reich)


In service from June 1st 1914.

1st July 1914: Fahnenjunker;
25th February 1915: Leutnant;
1937: Oberstleutnant;
14th August 1940: Oberst;
1st January 1942: Generalmajor;
1st April 1943: Generalleutnant;
1st May 1944: General der Panzertruppe

1st July 1914: Fahnenjunker Infanterie-Regiment 180, Tübingen;
1915: Infanterie-Regiment 25;
September 1915: wounded in French imprisonment and as not being able to fight send to Germany through Switzerland;
1915: Infanterie-Regiment 122;
1917: Infanterie-Regiment 146;
1918: Armee Oberkommando 8;
1918: British Imprisonment;
December 1919: released;
1st January 1920: Württembersgische Polizeiwehr;
15th October 1935: Kommandeur Panzerabwehr-Abteilung 112, Schwerin;
1st October 1938: Kommandeur Panzer-Regiment 35;
1st July 1941: Kommandeur 5.Panzer-Brigade;
6th January 1942: Kommandeur 4.Panzer-Division;
28th November 1942: temporarily assumed command of XXXXVII.Panzerkorps;
1st March 1943: Inspekteur der Panzerwaffe des Ersatzheeres;
1st April 1943: Kommandierender General XXXXVII.Panzerkorps and later XXXXVIII.Panzerkorps;
1st November 1943: Oberbefehlshaber der Panzergruppe Nikopol;
May 1944: General der Panzertruppe im Stab des Heeresgruppe A;
1st July 1944: Oberbefehlshaber der Panzergruppe West;
15th August 1944: Oberbefehlshaber der 5.Panzerarmee;
31st August 1944: British Imprisonment;
1st January 1948: released;
1950: Geschäftsführer der evangelischen Akademie Bad Boll.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Awarded on:
September 23rd, 1939
Had already received the Iron Cross 2nd Class on October 12th 1914.
1939 Spange zum Eisernen Kreuzes 2er Klasse 1914
Second World War (1939-1945)
Awarded on:
October 2nd, 1939
Had already received the Iron Cross 1st Class on November 10th 1917.
1939 Spange zum Eisernen Kreuzes 1er Klasse 1914
Second World War (1939-1945)
Oberstleutnant (Lieutenant-colonel)
Kommandeur Panzer-Regiment 35 / 4.Panzer-Division / XVI.Armee-Korps / Gruppe "Kleist"
Awarded on:
July 4th, 1940
The following wartime excerpt describes why Eberbach would receive the Knight’s Cross…

“On the 13.06.1940 Oberstleutnant Eberbach and his Panzer-Regiment 35 captured the heavily defended Seine bridges near Romilly, which were of vital importance for the continuation of friendly operations. This feat was achieved via the great bravery and devotion to duty of the commander. On the following day Eberbach and his Regiment went on to capture 5000 prisoners in addition to 39 aircraft, 5 artillery pieces, 8 AFVs and numerous additional war materiel.”
84th Award.
Submitted on June 16th 1940.
Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes
Second World War (1939-1945)
Awarded on:
December 8th, 1941
595th Award.
Ehrenblattspange des Heeres und Waffen-SS
Second World War (1939-1945)
Oberst (Colonel)
Kommandeur 5.Panzer-Brigade / 4.Panzer-Division / XXIV.Armee-Korps / 2.Armee / Heeresgruppe Mitte
Awarded on:
December 31st, 1941
The following wartime excerpt describes why Eberbach would receive the Oakleaves…

“The following battlefield achievements led to the awarding: 30.09.-03.10.1941: Thrust from Gluchow to Orel. On the 01.10.1941 Eberbach was ordered by Guderian to capture Dmitrowsk and continue on to Orel. This city was taken on the 03.10.1941 after a 180 km advance. Over the course of this fighting 4 aircraft, 13 tanks, 21 artillery pieces, 24 AA guns, 22 tractors and 345 trucks were captured or destroyed.

10.10.1941: The capture of Mzensk while fighting against a Soviet tank brigade (which included T-34s and KV-1s) in a snowstorm. Booty: 38 tanks, 18 artillery pieces, 7 Katyushas, 45 trucks and tractors, 366 prisoners.

22./23.10.1941: Night attack that led to the capture of Tschern.

After the submission of the original recommendation Eberbach achieved the following additional successes: Uslowaja captured in a coup-de-main (21.11.1941). Wenew captured and thrust against Kaschira, 60 km south of Moscow (24.11.1941).”
42nd Award.
Submitted on November 14th 1941.
Ritterkreuz mit Eichenlaub