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Staveren, van, Johannes

    Date of birth:
    February 13th, 1910 (The Hague, the Netherlands)
    Date of death:
    December 12th, 1999 (Escambia County/Florida, United States)
    Dutch (1815-present, Kingdom)


    21st August 1931: Luitenant-ter-zee derde klasse;
    21st August 1933: Luitenant-ter-zee tweede klasse;
    16th August 1942: Luitenant-ter-zee eerste klasse;
    1st August 1951: Kapitein-luitenant-ter-zee;
    15th June 1954: Kapitein-luitenant-ter-zee Koninklijke Marine Reserve.

    6th November 1939 - 12th May 1940: Commandant Hr. Ms. TMB 51;
    8th December 1940: Commandant Hr. Ms. MGB 41;
    3rd March 1941 - 1st September 1941: Commandant Hr. Ms. MGB 46.
    3rd December 1960: retired.

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    Second World War (1939-1945)
    Luitenant-ter-Zee 2e Klasse (Lieutenant)
    Hr. Ms. Motortorpedoboot 51, Koninklijke Marine (Hr. Ms. Motortorpedoboot 51, Koninklijke Marine)
    Awarded on:
    June 16th, 1940
    For having performed deeds of courage, tact and loyalty with his vessel against the enemy in times of war, namely on May 10th, 1940, having sailed with Our Motortorpedoboot 51, of which he was in command, together with Our Destroyer Z5 under intense hostile fire from machineguns and light artillery to Rotterdam in order to thwart the efforts of German troops to cross from the south bank of the Meuse to the north bank. Afterwards, and only after all ammunition had been spent, he managed to take his vessel, riddled with machinegun bullets and with dead and wounded aboard, back to Hoek van Holland.
    Royal Decree No.1, dated June 16th, 1940.
    Ridder vierde klasse der Militaire Willems Orde (MWO.4)
    Second World War (1939-1945)
    Received with two clasps.
    Oorlogsherinneringskruis (OHK)