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Hyde, Ernest Leslie

Date of birth:
1914 (Milford on Sea/Hampshire, Great Britain)
Date of death:
April 29th, 1942 (Norway)
Buried on:
Commonwealth War Graves Trondheim
Plot: A IV. Row: J. Grave: 8.
British (1801-present, Kingdom)


Ernest Hyde was educated at Bedford Modern School and was trained for the Merchant Navy in H.M.S. Worcester. In May, 1933, he was appointed a midshipman in the Royal Naval Reserve. Two years later he was granted a commission in the R.A.F. as acting pilot officer. After training he served with units in the Coastal Command.
Hyde died of wounds in Norway after air operations.

April 16th, 1935: Acting Pilot Officer (probation)
April 16th, 1936: Pilot Officer
October 16th, 1937: Flying Officer
October 16th, 1939: Flight Lieutenant
December 1st, 1940: Temporary Squadron Leader
March 1st, 1942: Temporary Wing Commander

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Flight Lieutenant
No. 204 Squadron, Royal Air Force
Awarded on:
May 31st, 1940
"This officer has done consistently good work since the outbreak of war. On the 8th April he reported the position of the German battle fleet and made a successful reconnaissance. although his aircraft was badly damaged by anti-aircraft fire. On 9th April, while on reconnaissance duty over Norway, he was attacked by two enemy aircraft which he engaged until damage to his petrol tanks and gun turret forced him to break off. He the crawled inside the wings and stopped up many holes in the tanks, until overcome by fumes; had this not been done the aircraft would not have reached its base."
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)


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