Taylor, Clive Shackleton

Date of birth:
September 8th, 1920 (Broughton, Manchester, Lancashire)
Date of death:
March 21st, 2012
Service number:
British (1801-present, Kingdom)


Before the war Clive Taylor worked as a fitter and driver when living in Hale. When war was imminent he joined the Territorial Army at Manchester on 6th July 1939, and joined as a Sapper (No.2093061) the Royal Engineers, being posted to the 42nd East Lancashire Divisional Royal Engineers. With the outbreak of the Second World War he was embodied for service with the 66th Divisional Engineers on 2nd September 1939 and then joined the 258th Field Park Company.
After being commissioned he was was posted to the Inns of Court Regiment and landed in Europe on 28th June 1944.
He was wounded by gun shot on 2nd September 1944. He rejoined his unit after being evacuated and treated in the UK on 17th November 1944.
Towards the very end of the war on 19th April 1945 Taylor by now a Lieutenant, was tasked with performing a recce of the road running from Garstedt to Salzhausen to Garlstorf, but on his way to Salzhausen, he learnt from some German prisoners who surrendered to him that Salzhausen was held by some 200 enemy including SS troops, it was his subsequent actions in taking on with his small number of armoured cars a considerable force resulting in the capture of Salzhausen and some 150 enemy of which 25 were SS, which led to the award of his ‘immediate’ award of the Military Cross, and published in the London Gazette for 2nd August 1945.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
The Inns of Court Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps
Awarded on:
August 2nd, 1945
"On 19th April 1945 the troop under Lieutenant Taylor's command was ordered to recce the road, Garstedt 6223 - Salzhausen 6217 - Garlstorf 5818. After offensive action against enemy contacted at 6219, fifteen Wehrmacht prisoners were taken who gave information that Salzhausen was held by 200 enemy including S.S. Troops. Lieutenant Taylor thereupon led his troop up the road towards Salzhausen and made contact on the outskirts of the village with machine gun and bazooka positions. He withdrew and decided under cover of supporting machine gun fire to attack the village. He personally led three men by a covered approach to the enemy positions on the outskirts of the village and in the action that followed destroyed the enemy posts, one of which was put out of action by Lieutenant Taylor himself with a hand grenade. By a prearranged signal, Lieutenant Taylor ordered the armoured cars to advance towards the village firing their guns. The plan and action taken by Lieutenant Taylor completely deceived the enemy as to the size of the attacking force and the bold and quick action that he took against the outposts enabled him to enter the village and capture it with a total bag of 150 enemy of which 25 were SS. Lieutenant Taylor showed outstanding initiative and bravery in the initial assault and his behaviour under fire was a complete inspiration to his men. Lieutenant Taylor has shown devotion to duty and great gallantry far above the average in all his patrol work."
Military Cross (MC)