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Arzhenukhin, Fodor Konstantinovich

Date of birth:
July 15th, 1902 (Moscow, Russian Empire)
Date of death:
October 28th, 1941 (Barbysh, Soviet Union)
Soviet (1922-1991, People's Republic)


Lieutenant General Arzhenukhin was executed by the NKVD.

December 13, 1935: Colonel
September 26, 1938: Division Commander
April 11, 1940: Corps Commander
April 6, 1940: Air Army Lieutenant General

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Polkovnik (Colonel)
Awarded on:
November 3rd, 1937
Orden Lenina (1936-1943)
Polkovnik (Colonel)
Awarded on:
March 2nd, 1938
Orden Krasnogo Znameni (1925-1943)
Second World War (1939-1945)
General Leytenant (Lieutenant General)
Awarded on:
June 14th, 1940
Orden Krasnogo Znameni (1925-1943)


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