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Zaucha, Karol

Date of birth:
January 18th, 1908 (Tarnow, Poland)
Date of death:
July 20th, 1965 (Blackpool/Lancashire, United Kingdom)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
Acting Squadron Leader
No. 305 (Wielpolska) Squadron, Royal Air Force
Awarded on:
September 5th, 1942
"This officer has been engaged on operational flying since April 1942. As captain of aircraft he has exhibited skilful airmanship, combined with the greatest determination to complete his allotted task. On one occasion, shortly after leaving base for a raid on Mannheim, his aircraft became iced-up making it difficult to control and causing it to lose height rapidly. Skilfully overcoming a difficult situation, Squadron Leader Zaucha persisted in his task and finally bombed the target. The flight occupied a flying time of seven hours in several weather. This officer has participated in attacks on a wide variety of important enemy targets."
Medal approved 5 September 1942.
Recommendation drafted 21 February 1942 when he had flown 23 sorties (118 hours).
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)