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Baker, Thomas Dawson

Date of birth:
British (1801-present, Kingdom)


Enlisted in the Royal Artillery at Lincoln 25th April 1921. He served in the UK, Singapore and Malaya before joining up with the B.E.F in France 15th September 1939. He was evacuated from Dunkirk on the 1st June 1940. He was stationed in the UK until being posted to Madagascar in March 1942 and then onto India in 1943. He was discharged to the Army Reserve on 29th October 1945.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Acting Warrant Officer 1st Class
9th Field Regiment R.A., Divisional Troops, 20th Indian Infantry Division, British Army
Awarded on:
June 28th, 1945
"At BISHENPUR during May and June 1944 RSM BAKER showed great devotion to duty, coolness and bravery under fire. His personal example and hard work, though himself tired out, ensured that an already fatigued Tactical HQ got themselves dug in before serious shelling started, and as a result no casualties were sustained from the constant and accurate shelling. His cheerfulness and complete obliviousness to danger during this period was an inspiration to all. On the SADDLE on the night of 10/11 June when the enemy over ran Bastion, a position only some 200 yards from Brigade HQ, the remnants of the garrison came back in the darkness through the perimeter, RSM Baker by his coolness and courage under fire ensured that not only did RHQ stand firm in their sector and hold their fire, but that they also helped to steady troops of the remainder of the perimeter thus helping materially to restore a nasty situation. During the later stages of the campaign when men were getting very weary, his untiring energy and cheerfulness, his care of the men’s welfare coupled with the complete disregard for the short rations and the attendant discomforts, was an example to all and an inspiration which helped to keep the morale of the Regiment at a very high level. The above are only isolated and typical examples of RSM Baker’s conduct since he came to France with the regiment as BSM in September 1939. By his constant devotion to duty, enthusiasm, unswerving loyalty and hard work throughout the whole period of the war, and his personal example of courage and coolness under fire, RSM Baker has been an inspiring leader to his WO’s, NCO’s and men, and has played a large part in instilling and fostering the high morale of the regiment”
Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)