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Japan (1868-1945, Empire)

Spotlighted out of 292 persons in the database

Abe, Hiroaki* March 15th, 1889
† February 6th, 1949

Adachi, Hatazo* June 17th, 1884
† September 10th, 1947

Agawa, Hiroyuki* December 24th, 1920
† August 3rd, 2015

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Hashimoto, Mochitsura14-10-190925-10-2000 
Hata, Shunroku26-07-187910-05-1962more 
Higuchi, Kiichiro20-08-188811-10-1970more 
Hiroyasu, Fushimi16-10-187516-08-1946more 
Hitoshi, Nishi   
Homma, Masaharu27-11-188703-04-1946more 
Honjo, Shigeru10-05-187630-11-1945more 
Horii, Tomitarō07-11-189023-11-1942 
Hyakutake, Harukichi25-05-188810-03-1947