Stützpunkt Groede Bunker 1

The bunkers in this German Stützpunkt are built in two periods. The first period was that of the pre-Atlantic-Wall. During this period, two bunkers of Stp. Groede were build as so called verstärkt feldmässige Ausbau (v.f.).

Then followed the Ständiger Ausbau (St.) In this period any type of bunker had it's own number and expanded construction plan. Of this type, nine bunkers in STP. Groede were built.

After the war there was a plan to to realize a deer park in the 'Bunker Village'
because the cost of demolishing the bunkers (fl. 300,000) were far too high. The German concrete roads, the three gun emplacements and the brick building were allowed to be demolished. In the 1970s the deer park was
renovated. The bunkers were dug out and were included in the plan. During the excavation of the area, pretty much ordnance and (camouflage) murals were found but other parts were destroyed.

Developments in the former bunker village are still going on. The plan is now to restore two bunkers partially or completely and return the murals on the outside of the bunkers.

Possibly, the Switchback museum and the bunkers in Breskens are also involved, but these plans are at an early stage.

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