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War Memorial Bruges

The remembrance arch commemorates the residents of Brugge who perished in the First World War.

Two large plaques have been mounted on the side façade of a building in memory of victims of the Second World War.

The text on the first plaque can be translated as follows:
War 1940 – 1945
The text:
Officers, NCO’s and soldiers
followed by the names of 54 victims.
The text:
followed by the names of 8 executed.
The text:
Political prisoners
followed by the list with 26 names.
Alongside of this plaque a second plaque has been placed on which the list of the political prisoners continues with another ten names.
Thereafter the text:
followed by 4 names
The text:
Civilian victims
and a list with 80 names of civilian victims.

Next to these two plaques about the Second World War there are five plaques dedicated to the victims of the Great War. Further on, next to these seven large plaques, there is a crypt which contains the ashes of victims of the concentration camp Dachau.

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  • Text: Mia van den Berg & Fedor de Vries
  • Photos: Ricky van Dyck (1, 6, 7), Mia van den Berg (2, 3), Jente de Roust (4, 5)

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